Drop Burial

With well over 25,000 drop burials performed in a season, our drop burial crews will sweep through projects and neighborhoods safely, and effectively, while addressing any finish work that is required at each site, ensuring the job is done right. Our technicians arrive in white company branded vans, modern equipment, uniformed and carrying company identification. Tel-Optic prides itself on the fact that our Drop Burial division will keep you within the service window.

Boring Services

We have taken a new approach to bores related to drop burial jobs. Subscribers today are more demanding than ever. They want to be kept informed about what work will be done on their property, when it will be done, and by whom. This in itself is a logistical challenge when the primary focus is on quality, production in the field, and keeping intervals in check. However, today there are more buried assets on a subscribers property than at any other time in the past.

Tel-Optic has addressed this challenge by tracking bores Separately and giving them the added attention they require to get them completed. Once a bore is completed in the field, it is converted to a drop bury work order, flagged as a priority and issued to a drop burial crew. Many times the drop can be completed the same day or within 24 hours after the bore was completed.

Support Services

The following is a list of other drop related services that are provided and available to your organization when you chose Tel-Optic for your drop burial needs.

  • Dedicated Account Support Representatives (ASRs) to provide account specific services and support for any day to day operational needs or concerns.
  • Live online chat support for immediate and pressing questions that you need answers to now, without you having to look up a phone number or compose an email.
  • A tracking system that has every job issued to Tel-Optic that you can query, track, and generate reports on.
  • Real time field close outs from the field that immediately updates our tracking and reporting systems for our customers review and consideration.
  • Customer “Dashboard” that provides customers with a graphical display that provides a visual representation without requiring customers to pour over spreadsheets and calculators to assess the current working view.
  • Implementation of Project Management methodologies in all areas of the customer and field operations experience.
  • Complete accountability and transparency of crucial customer service complaint issues, and the resolution of those issues all linked to the web application and database technology accessible at your fingertips.

Areas of Operation

Tel-Optic presently has ongoing operations in the following states but also takes on projects throughout the United States.

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri